Health Services

Army Body Composition Program

Required Initial Nutrition Counseling Session (Introduction to FFP/ Initial Nutrition Counseling): 

Soldiers must attend Fit for Performance Session 1 within 30 days of enrollment in the ABCP to complete the initial nutrition counseling session IAW AR 600-9. The initial nutrition counseling memorandum will be provided at the end of Module 1 (FFP).

Module 1 (FFP):

The first Module is offered every-other Tuesday at 0900 and lasts a little over 1 hour. Soldiers need to arrive 15 minutes prior to class to ensure check-in and seating. This class consists of basic weight-loss nutrition education along with an overview of AR 600-9 program standards. 

Soldier Action Plan Medical Treatment Facility Option: 

Soldiers who select Option A in the Soldier Action Plan, the weight loss program at the installation medical treatment facility, must first attend Module 1 (FFP) to receive their initial nutrition counseling memorandum. By the end of Module 1, Soldiers who intend to continue with the weight loss program at the installation will inform personnel in the Nutrition Clinic that they will continue with the program. Soldiers will then be directed to complete Modules 2-6.

FFP Module 2-6:

Modules rotate sequentially and occur every Wednesday at 0900. Soldiers should arrive 15 minutes before class to ensure check-in and seating. During these class, Soldiers practice skills and goal-setting that enable them to make better lifestyle choices each day.

Administrative Details: 

Upon completion of all six FFP modules, a memorandum for record is provided to Soldiers who desire it denoting completion of the FFP program as well as any appointments scheduled for individual nutrition counseling or Army Wellness Center services All Soldiers are welcome to attend the nutrition classes, even if not enrolled in the ABCP.
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