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NEW! Remote Pharmacy Check-In Using Q-Anywhere

Now you can reduce your wait time at the pharmacy for new or renewal prescriptions. Reynolds Army Health Clinic Pharmacy now offers remote pharmacy check-in using Q-Anywhere. With Remote Pharmacy Check-In, you can activate your prescription with a simple text message from your phone.

To use Remote Pharmacy Check-In with Q-Anywhere:

Using your cell phone, text “Get in line” to Reynolds Army Health Clinic Pharmacy at 855-812-6070.

Enter your DOD ID# to check in remotely and automatically activate all your new prescriptions. 

The pharmacy will process all your NEW/RENEWAL prescriptions (NO REFILLS), and will send you a text when they are ready for pickup.

Please allow 2 hours for same day pickup requests.  Prescriptions will be held for 10 days before returning to stock.


The Reynolds Army Health Clinic Department of Pharmacy would like to thank our beneficiaries eligible to use our pharmacies.  Our commitment to you is nothing less than our best.  We continuously strive or seek to improve both the quantity and quality of our services.  We appreciate the opportunity and privilege to serve you.
We provide friendly, high quality and coordinated pharmaceutical services through teamwork to all eligible uniformed service members, retirees, and family members including beneficiaries age 65 and older. Reynolds AHC Pharmacy has three different locations: the main RAHC building, Pharmissary, and SGT David B. Bleak Troop Medical Clinic (TMC).  The TMC is for active-duty trainees only, the Pharmissary site is for call-in refills, and the Main Outpatient Pharmacy is full-services for all beneficiaries. 
The Main Pharmacy is located just inside the clinic entrance, on the 1st floor, East side of the building. All new prescriptions from other military medical treatment facilities, as well as civilian requests for medication will be filled when possible based on drug availability.   All new prescriptions must first be filled at the main pharmacy.
The Pharmissary is located adjacent to the Fort Sill Commissary.  The Pharmissary is a refill-only pharmacy and does not fulfill new prescriptions or electronic prescriptions. All new and electronic prescriptions must first be filled at the Main Pharmacy before refills can be picked up at the Pharmissary.  Walk-up refills are not accepted due to the volume of prescriptions filled at the Pharmissary.   Routine refill requests are processed by phone.  You may call the automated telephone system to refill your prescriptions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please be sure to have the last four of the sponsor’s social security number and prescription numbers (eight digits, which is found on the top, left hand corner of the prescription label) when using either of the refill systems.  The telephone number for calling in your refills is (580) 558-2442/2443 or Toll free 1-833-286-3732.  Due to the large volume of refills, the refill turn-around time is 48 business hours.  Once called-in, prescriptions will be held for ten (10) calendar days, as our storage space is limited. 
If you see an off-post provider you will need to get a new written prescription to bring to the RAHC Pharmacy or have your provider electronically prescribe all non-controlled prescriptions directly into the RAHC Pharmacy called “DoD FT SILL ePHCY”.
For your convenience and to avoid possible long waiting times, please use our pharmacy outside of 10:00a.m. through 2:00p.m.  These are the hours when our prescription volumes are at their highest peak.
Prescription Pick-up:  All patients 10 years and older must present a valid military ID card to process and pick-up prescriptions.  In order for the pharmacy to release prescriptions to a relative or friend and to verify the patient's eligibility for care, a relative/friend must present the patient's military identification card.

Prescription Costs

Your costs depend on where you fill your prescription and the type of drug.  

For more information regarding prescription costs and what TRICARE will cover see
  • Generic Formulary items (Tier 1)
  • Brand Name Formulary item (Tier 2)
  • Non-Formulary items (Tier 3)
If you want a 90-day supply from your network pharmacy, you’ll pay the cost for each 30-day supply.  For example, a 90-day supply of a generic drug will cost $39 ($13 x3 times).

Non-Formulary (Tier 3) Prescription:

Tier 3, non-formulary, medication will not be available at military treatment facility (MTF) pharmacies unless certain conditions are met:
1.  You need to be enrolled to receive care at the MTF.
2.  The medication must be prescribed by an MTF provider
3.  All medical necessity and/or prior authorization requirements have been met and approved.
If you are enrolled to an MTF provider and were referred to a civilian provider for care, prescriptions from that civilian provider will be honored as well if they meet all medical necessity and/or prior authorization requirements.  This is not a new Defense Health Agency Policy, but a restatement of a long standing Health Affairs Policy (HA Policy 04-032).   Also, this should not be interpreted to mean you can no longer get any prescriptions written by a civilian provider at the MTF pharmacy. We will gladly still fill any Tier 1 and Tier 2 formulary medications. If you have questions about the Tier level or medical necessity/prior authorization requirements of a particular medication, we encourage you to check the TRICARE formulary (  

What You Should Do

If you are currently receiving a Tier 3, non-formulary medication at the MTF, discuss this information with your healthcare provider or pharmacist to see which one of the following options is best for you:
1.  Continue filling your current non-formulary prescription through the TRICARE Home Delivery program. Options for getting your prescription(s) transferred include:
             •  Call 877-363-1296 to speak with an Express Scripts patient advocate to get your prescription transferred.
             •  Have your provider mail, fax, or electronically prescribe a new prescription directly to Express Scripts.
2.  Have your provider change your prescription to an alternative formulary medication available at your MTF.
TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery

Pharmacy Contact Us


Main Pharmacy:
8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. on Saturday. (Saturday hours are for UCC prescriptions, and pick ups for previously filled medications due to limited staff)

Sunday and Federal Holidays, Closed

9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. on Saturday.
Sunday, and Federal Holidays, Closed

Telephone Number(s)

Main Pharmacy Information
Automated Refill Line


Main Pharmacy: Just inside the clinic east entrance, on the 1st floor
Pharmissary: Located Adjacent to the Fort Sill Commissary at 1719 Macomb Road



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