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The Fort Sill Army Hearing Program strives to prevent hearing loss and enhance communication for noise exposed personnel. Good hearing enables a soldier and/or civilian employee to maintain critical situational awareness and effective voice communication in any environment (i.e. garrison, industrial, training, operational and combat missions). Noise induced hearing loss is a significant negative personal, financial, and mission impact for our soldiers, civil service employees, and the Army. Hearing is a soldier's most sophisticated sensor. We HEAR the enemy long before we see the enemy!

Population Served

The Audiology Clinic serves Active Duty Service Members, Eligible Family Members and Department of Defense Civilians referred by the Occupational Health Hearing Conservation Program.
Due to mission needs, we are unable to schedule retirees. Retirees seeking hearing health and hearing aid services should contact their local VA Audiology Clinic.

Scope of Practice

The program has four major elements:

  • Hearing readiness
  • Clinical hearing services
  • Operational hearing services
  • Hearing conservation

Programs and Services

DOEHRS hearing test and follow-ups as needed IAW DA Pam 40-50 – patients may complete this during walk-in hours.
Consultations – patients may receive a referral from their Primary Care Manager (PCM) for a consultation for a comprehensive audiologic evaluation or for hearing aid services.

Make an Appointment

Front desk – (580) 558-8424

Audiology Contact Us

Telephone Number



Monday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m. & 1:00p.m.-2:30p.m.

Tuesday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-2:45p.m.

Wednesday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-2:30p.m

Thursday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-3:20p.m.

Friday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m


1st Floor, North Entrance Wing


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