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Access: By referral and appointment. Walk-in hearing testing services are available only for DOEHRS-HC automated hearing screening testing (8-man booth) for physicals, in/out processing, and MEDPROS updates. Follow up testing is conducted Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 1430.  Units requiring annual hearing testing and health education for annual hearing conservation requirements should coordinate with the Audiology Clinic's Hearing Conservation Coordinator to schedule an appointment for mass unit hearing testing and health education. Results of hearing testing is provided on a same day basis. Routine audiology testing, or testing with the Audiologist, is available on a referral basis. Retiree hearing testing and the Retiree At-Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP) is also available for military retirees who may need hearing aids by appointment only. For more information on this program, please contact the clinic directly.

The Fort Sill Army Hearing Program strives to prevent hearing loss and enhance communication for noise exposed personnel. The program has four major elements: hearing readiness, clinical hearing services, operational hearing services, and hearing conservation. Good hearing enables a soldier and/or civilian employee to maintain critical situational awareness and effective voice communication in any environment (i.e. garrison, industrial, training, operational and combat missions). Noise induced hearing loss is a significant negative personal, financial, and mission impact for our soldiers, civil service employees, and the Army. Hearing is a soldier's most sophisticated sensor. We HEAR the enemy long before we see the enemy!

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Monday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m. & 1:00p.m.-2:30p.m.

Tuesday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-2:45p.m.

Wednesday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-2:30p.m

Thursday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m & 1:00p.m.-3:20p.m.

Friday: 7:30a.m.-10:50a.m

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